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ZCKE64 Limit switch head, Limit switches XC Standard, ZCKE, metal side plunger with horizontal roller

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This product is part of the XC Standard range, an offer of limit switches. This limit switch head supports positive opening operation. It provides switch actuation by 30° cam. The spring return horizontal roller side plunger supports lateral approach in 2 directions. This linear switch head is made of metal. It is intended for all industrial machine application such as packaging, materials handling, conveying, machining, food and beverage, service sector, etc. It is compatible with XCKJ limit switches. It is associated with ZCKJD37, ZCKJ7H29, ZCKJD35, ZCKJ1H7, ZCKJD31H29, ZCKJD39H7, ZCKJD35H29, ZCKJ21H7, ZCKJ9H7, ZCKJ9, ZCKJ11, ZCKJ6, ZCKJD37H7, ZCKJ5H29, ZCKJ11H7, ZCKJD35H7 and ZCKJD31H7 bodies. European standard products (EN 50047) have positive opening contacts, even in snap action versions which allow use in safety applications.


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