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XPSMCMER0002 2 safety relay outputs expansion module with screw term

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This Modicon MCM safe relay output expansion module has 2 guided contact safety relay outputs (2NO + 1NC), 1 start/restart interlock input, and is fitted with captive screw clamp terminals. It is designed to monitor safety actuators for relay outputs, with a rated supply voltage of 24V DC and a maximum power dissipation of 3W. It is furnished with screw clamp terminals, removable terminal block for electrical connection. It is an IP20 rated product. The safe relay modules type XPSMCMER0002 use guided contact safety relays, each of which provides two N.O. contacts and one N.C. contact in addition to the N.C. feedback contact. This safe relay output expansion module figures LEDs on its front face, displaying the status (power supply, run, internal or external errors, inputs status, restart signal, output channels). The safe relay output modules type XPSMCMER0002 and XPSMCMER0004 do not require the backplane expansion connectors as they are directly wired to the selected OSSD. It weighs 0.25kg. Its dimension are 22.5mm (Depth), 99mm (Height) and 114.5mm (Width). Its housing is red. It is powered with 24 VDC. It is ideal for monitoring safety functions such as emergency stop, guard monitoring, perimeter guarding, position monitoring, speed monitoring and enabling movement. The safe controller CPU Modicon MCM are certified by TüV SÜD meeting the industrial safety standards of Category 4, PL e according to EN/ISO 13849-1 and SILCL 3 according to IEC/EN 61508 and IEC/EN 60261. Compatible accessory for safe relay output module is a memory card. The module instals on Omega 35mm DIN rail conforming to EN 50022. The Modicon MCM modular safe controller system provide flexibility and scalability from 8 inputs, 2 dual/4 single channel outputs up to 128 inputs, 16 dual/32 single channel outputs, up to 32 or 48 diagnostic status outputs. Modicon MCM modular safety controller system are designed to monitor multiple safety functions on and around a machine to minimise the risk of people accessing the dangerous moving parts of the machine.


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