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XPSAFL5130 module XPSAF - Emergency stop - 24 V AC DC

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This XPSAFL safety module monitors emergency shutdown pushbuttons, limit switches and light curtains. It meets the requirements of Performance Level PL e/Category 4 conforming to standard EN/ISO 13849-1 and SILCL3 conforming to EN/IEC 61508 and EN/IEC 62061. It can be used for monitoring emergency stop circuits conforming to standards EN/ISO 13850 and EN/IEC 60204-1 and electrical monitoring of switches activated by protection devices conforming to standard EN/ISO 14119. And for monitoring of type 4 light curtains conforming to EN 61496-1 that have solid-state safety outputs, with a performance lLevel PL e/Category 4 in accordance with EN/ISO 13849-1. 24V AC/DC supply allows direct supply via an auxiliary transformer, like ABT7 or ABL6, allowing saving at installation time. It is compatible with emergency push buttons, limit switches and safety light curtains, the 3 most common safety sensors in the industry.


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