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C1032D100 Trip unit MicroLogic 2.2, ComPacT NSX100/160/250, 3 poles, electronic basic protections, 100A rating

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This MicroLogic 2.2 is a 3 poles 3d electronic trip unit used on ComPacT NSX 100/160/250 circuit breakers. This 100A rating electronic trip unit is an optimum choice for all standard and specific applications. It embeds an adjustable long time protection against overloads. It provides also an adjustable short-time protection and a fixed instantaneous protection against short-circuits. MicroLogic 2.2 indicates overloads with Alarm LEDs. The green Ready LED flashes if the circuit breaker is ready to trip. This product is part of our EcoStruxure Power architecture if associated with PowerTag NSX and ComPacT NSX basic frame.


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