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16363 PRD1 Master modular surge arrester - 3 poles + N - 350V - with remote transfer

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This Acti9 PRD1 Master is a surge arrester with pluggable cartridge. It has 3P+N pole. The maximum continuous operating voltage is 350V (L-N or N-PE). It is available for TT or TN-S earthing system. It is a type 1 surge arrester. It protects electrical installations against direct lightning strikes. It is fitted with easy-to-replace withdrawable cartridges. The device has an end-of-life indication (white for correct operation, red at end of life) with remote signalling. The nominal discharge current (impulse 8-20 µs) is 25kA with a maximum of 50kA. The Uc maximum continuous operating voltage in differential mode (between phase and neutral) is 350VAC. The Uc maximum continuous operating voltage in common mode (between neutral and earth) is 350VAC. The maximum lightning current Iimp (impulse current 10-350 µs) is 25kA between L-N and 100kA between N-PE. The rated voltage network is 230VAC or 400VAC. The voltage protection level goes up to 1.5kV. The dimensions are (W) 18mm x (H) 90mm x (D) 66mm. The width in 9mm pitches is 8. The degree of protection is IK05 and IP20 on its terminals becoming IP40 once in modular enclosure. It can be mounted on DIN rail for modular installation. Its width is 16 modules of 9mm. This product is compliant with EN 61643-11 standard.


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